Is there an age limit to get admitted to homes?

The age for admission of an applicant is 60 years and above. Proof of age may be requested and if necessary shall have to be provided.

What is the time slot for the applicant to be admitted?

Admissions shall take place every week from Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. to 12.00 Noon and 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Who will decide the admission of the applicant?

The Screening Committee of Vathsalya Seva Trust (R.) will decide upon the admission on the basis of the physical and mental condition of the applicant at the time of interview. A further medical check-up may be requested, if and when found necessary.

Will there be a double accommodation unit be provided if the applicant are couples?

Residents who come in as a couple shall be entitled to a Double Accommodation Unit. Allocation of Accommodation Units to the residents shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the Trustees and their decision in this regard shall be final and conclusive.

What are the necessary items need to be brought by the applicant ?

Every resident shall bring with him / her all his / her personal necessities like toothbrush, cosmetics, toiletries, clothes and prescribed medicines. No resident should bring with him / her in the Home or the Unit allotted to him / her any valuables / precious articles. If he/she does, it shall be at his/ her own risk as to all consequences including theft or loss.

What is the process for a resident to leave the home premises temporarily?

No resident shall leave the Home without prior intimation to the Administrator and he/ she is required to provide all details, including name and contact details of the person he/she is living.

Will the food be served in the accommodation units?

No meals or breakfast shall be served in the Units. Every resident shall have to go to the dining room for all meals and breakfast. No special meals will be served except on medical grounds certified by the Medical Practitioner of the Home. Meals will be strictly vegetarian. No non vegetarian items of food shall be brought into the Home or the Units.

Are the visitors permitted inside the home premises?

Visitors will be permitted only during 10.00am to 11.30noon and 4:00pm to 6.00pm by entering the details of their entry and exit in the log book. Visitors will not be allowed to stay at Home. However, in exceptional circumstances, visitors may be permitted to stay, if prior written permission has been obtained from the Trustees Visitors are required to sit in the hall or lobby so as not to disturb other residents in their Units

How can a resident relieve from the home?

On discharge of a resident from the Home or on death, articles and effects, if any, not removed by such resident or his designated next of kin from the Unit allotted to him in time shall beshifted from the room and kept in the custody of the Administrator for a period not exceeding two weeks and shall be delivered to resident or a duly authorised nominee / next of kin against a signed receipt thereof. If such articles of effects are not taken away by the resident of the next of kin even after the expiry of the time specified above, the Administrator shall be free to deal with or dispose of them in any manner deemed fit without any further notice.

Can the resident use telephones, Mobiles, Internet and other electrical appliances?

On demand at the cost of resident telephone will be provided in the Unit by the Trustees for the exclusive use of the Resident. The Trustees shall also, provide to Resident, cable and internet service should the Resident so desire. A separate electricity meter is installed for every single/ double room on the ground floor of the Building. The Resident may bring into the Unit at his cost and expense a television, radio, computer, mobile phone and other electrical domestic appliance excluding Hot water geyser and or immersion coils. The Resident shall however pay all charges for the use of telephone, cable and electricity consumed in the Unit as per the reading shown in the meter, not later than the 7th day of every English calendar month as per bills submitted by the Trustees or service provider to the Resident..

What are the medical services offered to the residents?

The Trustees shall provide the Resident with basic medical facilities including routine medical check-up every month